LUCCA, APRIL 2005 - Arriving in Lucca is quite exciting. After a hour or so drive by bus from the Pisa ‘Galilei International’ airport, through an amazing and relaxing landscape, you encounter a well preserved medieval  town, with the many towers like beacons for the traveler – it used to be the other way around, these towers were build by the rich Italien families, not only to show off their wealth, but as watch towers to observe enemies.
Medieval walls around the city
Romantic city views

Observing the town is done by many now.  A good way to avoid the crowds is to make use of the acient fortified walls which encircle the town and from which you have a great view towards the city and towards the mountains and scenery outside of the city.  It is such a tranquil way to explore, and you can get off the walls at many points, to visit a cathedral our tower or just a nice street with flowering trees.  And after your visit, continue your stroll up on the walls.  Traveling like an observer from a distance, but not missing anything !

And not forget walk here in the evening and see the many romantic sights.

Standing above the crowds... in the shadow amphiteatro

Another great way to see the town is to climb the hundreds of stairs of one of the towers that are open to the public, and enjoy the fresh air and stand above the crowds.  Needless to say that the views are absolutely fantastic and unforgettable.  The Guinici tower has even oak trees on top of it, a quite unique feature that allows you to see it all while standing in the shade… Standing here is a great way to see all of the churches, towers, town squares, palazzi and the famous amphiteatre.

Of course, do not forget to visit all of the churches from the inside, the art work is fabulous like anywhere in Italy, some churches have relics and even some mummified saints on display ! And in the evening, do not forget a visit to some romantic restaurant, or an even more romantic visit to an opera or concert of Puccini.

You will come back to Italy.  I certainly will.

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