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The bullet train

JAPAN, JULY 1998 - On my travel through Japan, I’ve used the shinkansen (or ‘bullet train’) for large distance travel.  This is an expensive way of travel, but there are many advantages : it’s very fast (it runs 300 km/h to 450 … Continue reading

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Climbing Mt. Fuji

MT. FUJI, JULY 1998 - Fuji-san, the highest point of Japan, the holy mountain…  This perfect conical vulcano is snow-capped during most of the year, and therefore hard to climb.  However during July and August the mountain is open to everyone who … Continue reading

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On a festival in Kyoto

KYOTO, JULY 1998 - Kyoto, city of 1000 temples… On my stay in Kyoto, I visited a few of the most known Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Apart from the historical and architectural value, these places are interesting to watch day-to-day life of … Continue reading

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