NORMANDY, JULY 1991 / MAY 2004  Answer me quick – “what is the first thing you think about when I mention Normandy ? ” … right : world war II, D-Day, Utah and Omaha beach … 

A history that is maybe lesser known is that Normandy got its name from the Vikings (mainly Danish and Norwegian) that conquered this land in the 9th and 10th century.  

But this story is not about war,  it is about good living in France and about the beauty of nature. 


It has been quite a while since I visited the Atlantic coast in Normandy and the different cities and villages, but while I am writing this story, the images of the walks into the fantastic landscapes are still vivid in my mind.  In the countryside, a hilly terain awaits you – ideal for a couple of days hiking with friends, in the midst of beautiful nature. This countryside is also known for its apple trees – after a nice day of hiking, a good Calvados brandy in the evening … this must be France !

Etretat coastline
Honfleur - harbor

The most impressive to me is still the Atlantic coast with the white cliffs, like in Etretat and Fécamp – the secluded beaches with little crabs crawling back to the sea, the smell of the sea, the fresh wind and the sound of many seabirds.  The whole route along the coastline is just incredible scenic.  Along the coast, there are little pitoresque harbors, like in Honfleur – of course the restaurants over here offer a good choice of delicious seafood.

But also cultural activities must not be overlooked – in cities like Rouen with such a big history, you can visit cathedrals, bridges, monuments and museums – from the Vikings to the Middle ages and the history of Joan of Arc – it’s all there for you to discover it again.

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