Mt. Emei (Emei-shan)

Emei means in Chinese ‘the eyebrows of Buddha’.  One says you can see the ‘halo of Buddha’ in the clouds when standing on the top and the light is dim enough.  Along the way to the summit (many many steep stairs) there are macaw monkeys, which will grab everything and can be quite agressive.  There are different monasteries, temples, sacred caves, … and tea houses(!) on the mountain – you can stay overnight in a monastery which is an authentic experience.  On the ‘golden summit‘ (3077 m) is a monastery and many ropes with padlocks attached by visitors. You can go up by bus most of the mountain and then continue to the top by cable car.  If you want to go all the way on foot, count on one long day (13 hours or more) starting from Baoguo Temple (551 m) near Emei-town.  Another alternative is to have yourself carried all the way up in a bamboo chair (yes, some people really do this !).

Mt. Emei On the summit of Emei-shan
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