TOLEDO, MAY 1999 - Not far away from Madrid,  the capital of Spain, is a little town called Toledo.  This town has a medieval look and many interesting historical buildings are preserved over here.  When coming from the railway station, you can see the town on the hill, surrounded by walls and a river, a fortified city.  Obvious landmarks are the fortress (Alcazar) and several cathedrals.  But to me the most interesting thing to do in Toledo is to wander around in the narrow streets, have a sangria on one of the quiet squares and watch the people in the streets and on the balconies.  Just think for a minute you could be back in the Middle Ages of Europe. 

Toledo town with Alcazar

When I visited Toledo it was quite hot, even in the month of May.  Spanish people have their rest in the afternoon (siesta), so it is very quiet in the streets.  To see the real Toledo street life however, go there in the late afternoon and in the evening, the moment people get out and  have a chat, and the children play football in the street.  And then in the evening go for some tapas first, and then to an open air restaurant to have some delicious paëlla, with on the background some spanish music …
Spain is the land of the sun, a place to enjoy life, to forget your worries and relax…

Streets of Toledo

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