History in Dresden

DRESDEN, JUNE 2000 - Dresden is a historically important city in the Eastern part of Germany.  Before the reunification of Germany, this city was in the communist DDR.  Still on present days remains from those days are visible.  The tourist industry is not heavely developed yet, which gives a visit to a city of this size still a more or less rural character.  We stayed in a guesthouse just out of the centre, a former farm with typical East-German decorative elements, a very quiet place.  Dresden has suffered a lot from bombings during WW II.  Almost every historical building is now reconstructed, an operation that goes on at present.  Sometimes ‘modern’ elements have been added in this process.


Dresden skyline

The big attraction of Dresden are of course the historical buidings that are everywhere in the city.  Dresden is a city where you can walk endlessly from one cathedral to the next palace, and into museums.  The cultural beauty makes it a city with a remarkable pretty skyline.  Giving an overview of all buidings is simply to elaborate, but to my personal memory, some buidings deserve a special mention : the Church of the Holy Cross (Kreuz Kirche) , the Opera Theatre and the Japanese Palace. You can also visit some interesting parks and walk along the river, and when it’s hot, you can visit the ‘bier gartens’ and relax for a while.  And there are some nice restaurants where you can enjoy some typical german cuisine in a local atmosphere.

Opera Theatre trabant 'oldtimer' car
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